La Majesté

The Avantist La Majesté Tourbillon: Fit for a king.

Every life is different in an infinite number of ways, and we at Avantist believe in unique expressions of your personal journey. When we build a Majesté timepiece, we use our collective expertise to transform your life experiences into a beautiful and coherent watch of the finest Swiss quality. Its very construction is drawn from your tastes, your preferences, your lifestyle, your wrist size, your ideals, the things that matter most to you. An Avantist Majesté timepiece doesn’t just belong to you. It is you.

The Avantist Majesté Series is defined by watches of similar approach rather than mere appearance. These are highly customised creations that take into consideration the wearer’s entire life story and personal tastes.

The first watch of the Avantist Majesté Series was commissioned by a small group of Brunei business leaders, who wanted to present it as a gift to their Sultan as a tribute and expression of gratitude towards their ruler.

Intense study was made of the Sultan’s favoured watches and of his biographical details to ensure that the end result would be truly unique and in perfect alignment with his tastes.

No details were too minor to take into account for this bespoke creation. The case was designed to fit the Sultan’s wrist precisely. The eight-pointed Rub el Hizb star is seen in the screws and tourbillon cage, reflecting the Sultan’s faith. The names of the Sultan’s children are engraved on the watch to echo his personal and regal legacy.

Every watch in the Avantist Majesté Series is not only made for a king — it is fit for a king.

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